Java Senior Development Engineer

Job description:
1. Lead the technical team to develop products or projects;

2. Responsible for the establishment and improvement of the technical framework of the company's product name project;

3. Complete relevant system development according to the needs of system design and work division;

4. Problems found in verification and modification test;

5. Complete the software design, coding, testing, bug modification, etc;

6. Compile detailed design documents and relevant technical data of the module;

7. Organize the review of relevant design process.

Job requirements:
1. More than 5 years of development experience;

2. Have more than 2 years of development team management experience, with no less than 5 team members;

3. Have a good attitude, be brave to take on responsibilities, and be able to bear certain work pressure;

4. Familiar with the use of maven, GIT and other tools, familiar with Linux, docker and other deployment methods;

5. Be proficient in spring boot / cloud programming, service registration and discovery, and MySQL / redis;

6. Proficient in spring, spring MVC, mybatis and other mainstream open-source application frameworks, familiar with HTML / CSS, JS \ JQ and other front-end architectures;

7. Proficient in data structure and algorithm;

8. Have certain demand analysis and system design capabilities.