Senior web front end Engineer


1. Responsible for the front-end development of the project, focusing on interaction and experience.

2. Continuously improve user experience and development efficiency.

3. Continue to learn and research new front-end technologies to meet product needs.

1. College degree or above, at least 5 years of front-end experience.

2. Proficient in prototype design, interaction design, front-end design, etc.; full experience in HTML, CSS, angularjs2, JavaScript and other web front-end technologies.

3. Have cross browser and cross terminal front-end development experience.

4. Know at least one server-side language (Java, etc.).
5. Have a solid computer foundation and a full understanding of data structure and algorithm design.

6. Love the Internet, have a strong interest in Internet products and technologies, and are keen to pursue technological excellence and innovation.

7. Have good communication ability, team work spirit, excellent problem analysis and problem solving ability.